Document Freedom Day 2014 – Wednesday March 26th

dfdlogo-dove-headerHLUG are thinking of organising an event for Document Freedom Day, either on the Wednesday Evening or a Saturday

Document Freedom Day:
Wednesday 26th March 2014

Documents, Music, Video and more?

“Open standards make sense. What makes no sense is
that large companies in the field still do not understand this. It is time once and for all to end the pointless nonsense of one document sent on one platform being incomprehensible to the user of another.”
— Stephen Fry,
actor, screenwriter, author, playwright, journalist, poet,
comedian, television presenter, film director.

“The success of the internet is a success of Open Standards. Open Standards are promoting innovation, because it is easier to develop new products. Open Standards are adaptable and therefor support the German software industry.”
— Brigitte Zypries,
Member of the German Parliament for Darmstadt, former
Federal Minister of Justice. Image: studio kohlmeier