Lubuntu 14.04 LTS

  • Lubuntu 14.04 LTS was released on Easter Thursday 17th April 2014.
  • It fits on a CD, and should be a good replacement for old Windows XP machines.
  • But it  has too many bugs. Including the UK keyboard.  (see below)
  • Xubuntu seems less buggy, use that instead.
  • Lets hope they fix the bugs soon.
  • Download Lubuntu from:
  • Alternate ISOs are for low-RAM PCs. Computers with less than 700 MB of RAM are considered low-RAM computers.
  • Backup your data, insert the CD, use it to partition, install Lubuntu.
  • The Release Notes mention several known bugs, and solutions for them
  • Automatic Updates don’t work
    Menu / Preferences / Software and Update
    Updates / Never and reboot?
  • Bottom Left Menu / System Tools/ Lubuntu Software CenterBUT Lubuntu 14.04 Software Center is too sparse,
    mouseover says it has thousands of applications
    but it has less than a hundred,
    it doesnt even have LibreOffice or Gimp !
    Someone on a forum suggested enabling repositories somewhere

    It doesn’t even have Gimp! (I’m trying to get help for this at:
  • Its also necessary to add restricted codecs to play some youtube videos etc.
    1. Bottom left Menu / System Tools / Synaptic Package Manager
    2. search for ‘Restricted’
    3. Select lubuntu-restricted-extras
    4. Click [Apply]
  • There is also a bug with the network icon
  • There is also an annoying but harmless  [Error No session for pid] box which appears on guest login.
  • BUT the keyboard defaults to US, so the £ and @ are wrong
  • Lubuntu14.04 keyboard change from US default…
    1. click the US icon bottom right
    2. this opens [Keyboard Layout Handler]
    3. unselect [Keep system layouts]
    4. at [Keyboard Layouts] click [+Add]
    5. choose [gb English (UK)]
    6. select [gb]
    7. then click [Up]
    8. click [Close]
    9. This works for the user, and remains the setting after a reboot,
  • But unfortunately the Guest Logon still has american keyboard, no £ sign and @ in the wrong place.
  • This is known about
  • Bug report is at:

Use Xubuntu instead until they fix it.