Router Story

I recently installed DD-WRT on my router.  It is an open source firmware that gets more out of the router, I specifically did it as TalkTalk, who are my ISP, now provide a few Internet streaming TV channels via the YouView service which stopped working  when I ditched the router (Huawei HG 533) they supplied in place for a fairly cheap Netgear WNR2000v2. The Netgear seems to handle DNS better and surfing the Web is now an a lot more pleasurable experience.  These Internet TV channels not working did annoy me a bit though, I found out it was due to the Firewall in the router blocking Multicast ‘signals’.  There was no way to remedy this using stock firmware but installing DD-WRT gave me a lot more options and it was very easy to enable Multicast.

Find more details about DD-WRT at