Open Source Hackspace and Summer BBQ

Sunday 2nd September 2018 – 3pm till 7pm – at Georges’s
Karelia, Hatfield Court, nr. Leominster HR6 0SD

Explore Linux, Open Source and [Code Club] projects, alongside friendly chat and BBQ.

Bring your own digital devices, plenty of recharging points, remember to pack your USB mains plug. There’ll be a Lego room and [Code Club] projects available for younger OS fans.

BBQ grill provided, we’ll also grill vegetable skewers over a wheel fire. Plus, we’ll be making a low-tech Tandoor using the instructable in this month’s Raspberry-Pi Hack Magazine.

Bring some of your favourite BBQ food and refreshments if you can, or take pot-luck.

RSVP using our new Discuss Forum for directions. LIft share may be available from Hereford.


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