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A minimal Ubuntu-ish installation which also works on most older machines

I have discovered that Lubuntu does not work on older machines, as it need a PAE CPU

I have been recommended to use ToriOS as a non-PAE capable spin-off from Ubuntu. is the original website, but they’ve lost access to update it so are making a new website at

It looks like this project needs more workers on it !

In an email replying to my question of why their forum doesn’t work they wrote:

we have decided to put the forums off until we release the
stable version and have people who could take care of the forum. For now, we don’t need it.


Other small linuxes are Damn Small Linux and Slitaz.

2 thoughts on “ToriOS”

  1. Project information, blueprints, milestones etc are free at:
    Tori (鳥) means Bird in Japanese and a bird is a symbol for freedom which this project is all about 🙂
    Minimal, Simple, Fast, Small and Gives you a freedom of choice 🙂

  2. Theres an interesting afrticle in either Linux Voice or Linux format (certainly one of the current Linux magazines that mentions this very issue of some minimal distros not supporting PAE CPU’s and the lightweight distros that do support it. Though I cant recall if they mention Torios in the article

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