Over flowing root

Document-1-page001Just the shortest article for the site:
Just as windows gives it’s users hours of fun running defrag, linux can fill it’s root partition with older versions of programmes if left unattended, mine got to 8.5gb (I use Chakra, which is Arch based so the commands used are Arch) and entirely filled the partition.(/var/cache being the culpit) Unlike windows however this is not really a problem till it gets to excess as it means you can reinstate any up graded programme if ‘progress’ is not to your liking. The answer is simple, if everything is running to your liking then the command ‘pacman -Scc’ (without the ‘ ‘) will wipe the lot. this is not recommended.
‘pacman -Sc’ will wipe all the older copies, but best of all the programme ‘paccache’ will give you total control over it all.
I am sure those of you far more learned than me will know the commands for Debain and other O/Ses.

Now I think this is fairly interesting but what makes it fun is with Linux you can open the root folder, go to /var/cache, open a terminal issue the commands and see your computer change before your eyes and followed by a general upgrade ‘pacman -Syu’ repopulating  the file.

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