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Hereford Linux Presentation Day 30 April 2016

SFD 2013?The HLUG International Linux Presentation  Day event will be taking place on Saturday April 30th 2016 at All Saints Church , High St. Hereford HR4 9AA, 10am – 4pm.

HLUG is the Herefordshire Linux (and Open Source ) User Group.

We will have free CDs and goodies to give away plus lots of info, demonstrations and advice on all things Linux and Open Source.

During the event we will show how easy it is to install Linux nowadays. For those that are able to bring a laptop or pc along we will be happy to install Linux for you. Please note, you must backup any files that you wish to keep beforehand as with any Operating System install there is a small chance of losing data. Best is to bring an older machine that is not your main device that is not critical to you just in case.

The Raspberry Pi will be making an appearance with demo’s and a chance at hands on activities.

We’ve also got plenty of information for small businesses who would like to see what Open Source Software has to offer and our experienced and friendly HLUG volunteers will be happy to demo programs, show you how easy it is to install Linux and show you what the options are to proprietary formats.

Students off to college may also want to pop in to have a look at the great Open Source software which exists – it’s high quality and free to use and share. Most of them are cross platform which means they work on Linux, Windows or Mac.

The event is as usual free and run on a drop-in basis so you can call in at any point throughout the day.

Our venue  All Saints is in the centre of Hereford and has a fantastic cafe that sells very good coffee and delicious locally sourced food. It’s fully accessible. We are within walking distance of the railway and bus stations and a short stroll from Hereford Cathedral which houses the famous Mappa Mundi so why not combine a visit to our event with some shopping and sightseeing in the city.

Look forward to seeing you there.

From all the HLUG team

Inkscape Review

calligraphy-f10-en.svgpath3335I’ve never used a CAD program, or Adobe Illustrator, always got by with Photoshop and then Gimp, but now at last I’m going to learn Inkscape for some drawings of plans for my house. Maybe then when I can handle two dimensions I’ll have another look at Blender !

Its easily downloaded from

Help is included and works from the menus first time.

Help> Tutorials gives eight Inkscape documents which are tutorials, and which you can edit yourself (but don’t save), drag the shapes around and get a feel for how it works. Basic, Shapes, Advanced, Tracing, Calligraphy, Interpolate, Elements of Design, Tips and Tricks. I did some a few nights ago, done another two tonight. The Calligraphy one is interesting, I skimmed it, but I don’t think I’ll ever use it.



Interpolate Tutorial shows what happens if you interpolate between a blue line and a red line…




torios logo

A minimal Ubuntu-ish installation which also works on most older machines

I have discovered that Lubuntu does not work on older machines, as it need a PAE CPU

I have been recommended to use ToriOS as a non-PAE capable spin-off from Ubuntu. is the original website, but they’ve lost access to update it so are making a new website at

It looks like this project needs more workers on it !

In an email replying to my question of why their forum doesn’t work they wrote:

we have decided to put the forums off until we release the
stable version and have people who could take care of the forum. For now, we don’t need it.


Other small linuxes are Damn Small Linux and Slitaz.

26 November 2014 Meeting

Hi Everyone

Our November LUG meeting will be on Wednesday night at 7.30pm, (sorry for the late notice) usual place the Courtyard in Hereford on the mezzanine floor. Hope we can get a good number at the meeting on Wednesday night.

If you have been on our list but haven’t attended a meeting yet, or you’ve been unable to attend for a while, we’d be very pleased to see you.

The meeting will start at roughly 7:30pm as usual.

Topics for Wednesday :-

1. Would be good to get some ideas on topics, and events that the group would like to pursue in the coming year.
2. Secondly, we need to discuss where we would to go for our Christmas LUG meal that usually takes the place of our December meeting. The Ponte Vecchio Italian restaurant in Hereford has been great last couple of years, should we stick with this, or go somewhere different ?

The Courtyard has free fast wifi and serves lovely coffees and food, and there is level access to all public areas of the building. You can find directions to The Courtyard, Edgar Street, Hereford, HR4 9JR here

The Courtyard has pay and display parking adjacent and free parking a short walk away.
(Free parking in adjacent streets.)

I’ll see you all there on Wednesday.